Nov 6, 2018



The Association of Companies of the Energy Sector (Avaesen) launches an energy efficiency project led by the Club of Responsible and Sustainable Companies of the Community of Valencia (CE / R + S), which will be the setting for the centenary building of Casa Caridad From Valencia.

With the main objective of promoting and promoting responsibility and sustainability from an economic, social and environmental point of view, it is expected that Casa Caridad will be recognized as an energy-sustainable building or almost zero consumption, in which the reduction of energy costs suppose more available resources and therefore be reflected in more people served.

It seeks to contribute to the fight against energy poverty and the integration of clean energy through a series of actions that contemplate the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency.

And it is here where Generval appears, that after a pre-audit and a visit to the building he has focused his efforts on the realization of a study in which he warns that the building presents high consumption in electricity, water and gas compared to buildings with the same purpose and objective, and the emission of up to 160 tons of CO2 per year is estimated. This project aims to achieve savings of up to 30% in electricity consumption, up to 55% in gas and 15% in water.

Avaesen and the CE / R + S have created a working group to analyze the costs, the viability of the project and its impact, and in the same way to manage the technical, human and material resources necessary for this initiative. In addition to those responsible for both associations, are part of this team Generval -elected technical coordinator-, Hidraqua, Triangle Real Estate Management, Barrio la Pinada, Saveheat, Ethics and Andersen Tax & Legal. All partners will participate in this project, both through their respective associations and with their direct involvement from the different actions that are scheduled throughout the process.

Is expected that at the end of the year is presented an energy audit to determine the actions to be carried out to achieve the savings mentioned above.

Generval will use the technical means to analyse the consumption of electrical energy in the building. This monitoring, along with the rest of consumption analysis will conclude with the MAES to implement.